Thank you for your interest in joining the Ozarks Outfitters Prostaff Team/Ambassador Program! This document contains information on our company, our Prostaff requirements, and all the fantastic benefits you will receive by joining Team Ozarks!


Our brand is inspired by our slogan, “Escape The Ordinary”, and is based on the foundation of escaping your ordinary daily routines, getting outdoors, and discovering all the experiences that life has to offer through activities like fishing, hunting, and more. Ozarks Outfitters is a homegrown apparel company owned and operated by Shane Norman based out of Iowa. The goal of Ozarks Outfitters is not only to grow a brand, but grow a community, which is why Ozarks Prostaff members have a say in everything including future designs, how the program is run, and constant updates on what is going on with Ozarks! Our apparel is manufactured in the USA and we strive to deliver the highest quality apparel and customer service possible. 

How to Join:

Our requirements for joining team Ozarks are very simple and straightforward, being that we want as many members possible to be able to join and grow the team. In order to join the Ozarks Outfitters Prostaff, we require the following from all members: 

-You are active on at least ONE of the following social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube

-You must have at least one piece of Ozarks Outfitters Gear. If you don’t already have any you must purchase at least one item (decals not included), because how can you represent Ozarks Outfitters if you don't have any of our gear? As a compromise to this, we will provide a 15% off code to use if you don’t already have Ozarks gear but would like to join the team!

-You will post at least one Ozarks Outfitter themed post a month on your page. Whether it’s wearing the gear, or posting a graphic we send you, just anything involving the brand! 


-After your initial purchase, you will receive a 25-50% Prostaff discount code for your personal use (Percentage amount depends on your following and engagement on social media). 

-You will also receive a 15% off promo code to share with your family, friends, and followers. Sales with this code will lead to increased personal discount or free gear. 

-Engaging with your audience and driving purchases with your promo code is key to earning free gear and larger discounts. We also choose a select few Prostaff members at the end of each month to receive free gear based on promotion and code sales and content creation!

-Additional benefits of Team Ozarks besides the Prostaff discounts and free gear include automatic weekly giveaways, exclusive early access to new gear and Prostaff Only gear, promotion of your content on our page to help you grow, and more!

-Once accepted into the Prostaff program, you will be added into the Ozarks Prostaff slack channel where you can talk with other members, and receive all your benefits! 



If you have what it takes or are considering joining feel free to reach out to our Instagram page @OzarksOutfitters or email us at, we can also answer any other questions you may have! We hope you will join the Ozarks Family and grow the community further!